The idea bank

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Some ideas never make it. Some have to be redesigned, polished and transformed before they can even be launched. In each case, there is an inherent value. With this reality, companies must focus on making innovation a process, a culture and a way of life.

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Available in: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish
  • The consultant who needs to know how to deal with his suppliers to get the innovation of his client.
  • The innovation manager who wants to revamp idea creation.
  • The ChiefHuman Resources who wants to win the co-creation culture.
  • Chief technology officer who is required to kick it up a notch.
  • The partner in the creative industries that has to set an example.
Get to know your people
understand what they do and how they work

Start with the end in mind
have a clear vision of where you want to go

Build a culture of innovation
build an environment that encourages ideas, collaboration and experimentation

Learn from failure
learn from mistakes but don't be afraid to try new things

Have an idea bank
make sure there is always something new coming up for discussion or action

As you can see, you're not asking your respondents for opinions, satisfaction or agreement. Our scientific research has shown that these are very bad fuel for algorithms. Instead, we ask for verifiable facts or -behaviour. For further reading, you can download our AMAIZE magazine dedicated to this topic or discover the scientific papers in the Resources section.

After you have downloaded this questionnaire, you can - in your Toolbox - edit, add/delete, and translate questions & answers to your liking. Clicking the "Help me PRAIORITIZE" buttons in the Toolbox activates our A.I. to help you finish your masterpiece..

Q. Is it possible to exchange knowledge across the organization?
  1. No
  2. Mainly via formal training programs
  3. Mainly through informal interaction between employees

Q. To what extent does your organization know about the skills and knowledge of its people?
  1. We only have a rough idea because we have not actively collected that data.
  2. For many people we know their areas of expertise and interests
  3. For most people we know a lot of details about their skills, interests and development goals
The artificial intelligence creating the questionnaires for the store has been inspired by over 11.000 whitepapers from more than 100 noted consultancy firms. Algorithms selected the 20% best papers and grouped papers from different consultancy firms into specific questionnaires. Why settle for less? Here is a summary how we did it.

If you feel you need outside support after conducting your assessment, we recommend the firms that have written the below mentioned whitepapers. Not having a paper selected does NOT mean that a firm does not give good advice.
oliverwymanFixed Indexed Annuities - Recap and Whats Next.pdf
pwcpwc-in-transition-january-2020-IASB meeting.pdf
You will download so much more than a set of questions and answers. This questionnaire contains everything for the full consultancy experience:
  • Respondent profiles for a helicopter view of your audience.
  • A maturity model with which algorithms calculate a six times smarter improvement target (compared to when you leave that to a human).
  • Improvement suggestions (per question) how to move from one answer to another
  • Suggested follow-on projects. After all, moving your organization from A to B might require more than just doing an assessment.
This English questionnaire is also available in Dutch, French, German, and Spanish.


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